Strasbourg Dining Guide

Recommendations from my own personal experience. More to come soon!


Auberge du Pont de la Zorn- With its cozy traditional decor and the wood-fired oven whose doughy, cheesy and smoky aromas seep into the dining room area, this restaurant 10 minutes or so from Strasbourg is the best tarte flambée restaurant in the area. 2 rue de la Republique67720 WeyersheimFrance Tel: 03 88 51 36 87

Au Bon Coin D’AlsaceFor the regional specialty Tarte Flambée, this restaurant is the best quality I’ve found so far after the Auberge du Pont de la Zorn (don’t be turned away by the lack of fancy decor). 38 rue Wimpheling 67000 Strasbourg Tel:03 88 34 50 56

Flam’sServing the Regional Specialty Tarte Flambée. Average quality but good prices for the student budget. 10 Place du Temple Neuf 67000 Strasbourg Tel. +33 3 88 52 90 58

Au Brasseur- Serving a group menu of 14-euro all-you-can-eat regional specialty tarte flambée menu with a pitcher of beer per 2 people. While neither the tarte flambée nor the beer is the best you can find in France, the convenience and price of the group menu is attractive; and Happy Hours, holiday events, and free live music on Fridays and Saturdays make for a good time. 22, rue des Veaux 67000 Strasbourg Tel: 03 88 36 12 13




To enjoy this tempting Sunday brunch platter, head over to Bistrot et Chocolat, a cute coffee shop and diner nestled on a side street behind the cathedral with a flowery terrace. You can also find plenty of vegan products and chocolates, or a hidden to corner to set up your laptop on the quaint wooden tables. 8 rue de la Râpe 67000 Strasbourg 03 88 36 39 60

Café Bretelles- New to the trendy student neighborhood known as the”Krutenau”, this café offers a sucré (sweet) or salé (salty) brunch option. It sets itself apart from other cafés with its choice of machine or filtered coffee, the latter of which is closer to large, American-style coffees (hard to find in France) and are jam-packed with delicious aromas. In fact, it advertises itself as an American-style coffee shop, but maintains its Frenchness with its cozy decor and the small terrace in front. The friendly staff is a plus. 57 rue de Zurich 67000 Strasbourg 06 87 04 47 23  or



Le Tarbouche- Syrian and Lebanese specialties. This restaurant is packed every day and night for its amazing falafel and schwarma, so reservations are recommended. When a friend and I could only find an outside table on a cold afternoon, the friendly wait staff offered hot tea on the house.  22 Rue Ernest Munch 67000 Strasbourg 03 88 35 00 48

Restaurant Djerba StrasbourgTunisien/Middle Eastern cuisine. Huge plates of amazing couscous and a friendly staff eager to share its culture.
3 rue du Faisan, 67000 Strasbourg Tel. 03 88 16 13 61 or 06 50 87 83 49



Au Diable Bleu- Cafe, Bar, Restaurant- Great, huge, quality hamburgers (just be aware that in France, burgers are eaten with a fork and knife everywhere except at McDonald’s!) 1 Rue St Guillaume, 67000 Strasbourg-03 88 35 26 84



Au Pain de Mon Grand-Père Hands-down the best bread and pastry shop in the area, but be prepared for long lines at peak hours. Don’t forget to pause outside and take a deep breath of the delicious doughy smells that waft upward from the window grates.   58 Rue de la Krutenau 67000 Strasbourg 03 88 36 59 66

pain grandpere

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